What is BVIA?

“Value Investing” is the underlying theme of this pioneering international investment research competition. Value investing is a well-known, time-proven investment strategy that is used globally to identify undervalued securities, both listed and unlisted. Some of the world’s most successful investors are value investors and these include one of the world’s richest men, Warren Buffett, and investment guru, Benjamin Graham.

The 2019 Budding Value Investor Award is an international competition organised and sponsored by Capital Dynamics, an independent investment firm. It is part of our efforts in promoting value investing amongst the younger generation.

The 2019 Budding Value Investor Award consists of two stages. The first stage will take the form of an essay and an investment research. The second stage will be a presentation based on the shortlisted candidate’s essay and investment research that was submitted in stage one. Teams can consist of up to 3 participants (individual or groups of two-three) in a team.