Tang Teng Boo

Tan Teng Boo

CEO and Founder of Capital Dynamics

An entrepreneur who happened to morph into a global fund manager, Tan Teng Boo founded Capital Dynamics in 1989 as Malaysia’s first independent investment adviser. Today, Capital Dynamics is Asia’s first global investment house with offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and Kuala Lumpur. Capital Dynamics is the first Asian fund manager to obtain the Australian Financial Services Licence, the first ASEAN fund manager to obtain Hong Kong’s retail Type 9 (Asset Management) licence.

Teng Boo’s intense and broad experiences in managing his family business turned out to be one of his best investment teachers. As a result, he has the truly unique ability to blend his investing skills with his business experiences. As Buffett said, having a foot in both camps of investing and managing a business made him a better investor.

He graduated with an honours degree in economics from Sussex University, UK but his fascination with the stock market for the last 48 years has led him to acquire an uncanny insight into the workings of corporations and global equity markets. In addition, he possesses an innate understanding of the Malaysian economy and is very well versed with the major foreign economies.

Datuk Mohd Nasir Ali

Datuk Mohd Nasir Ali

Datuk Mohd Nasir Ali is a Board member of EA Technique, MIDF Investment Bank, Goodyear Malaysia, and a few other private companies. He was the Group Executive Director of Utusan Melayu and the Chairman of Malaysian Newspaper Publishers Association (MNPA) for 9 years. Prior to that, Datuk Nasir was the CEO/Executive Director of Kuala Lumpur City Securities, General Manager of Research and Dealing of Mayban Securities, and Fund Manager of BBMB Unit Trust Management, which launched the first unit trust funds by a commercial bank in Malaysia. He has also served at Permodalan Nasional Berhad and its subsidiary Amanah Saham Nasional as an Economic Analyst, Investment Executive, and Senior Financial and Marketing Analyst.

Datuk Nasir holds a Bachelor in Economics (Hons.) from the University of Malaya and MSc. in Finance from University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom.

Wu Xiongwei

Wu Xiongwei

Wu Xiongwei is the Executive Director of the Capital Dynamics Asset Management (HK) Private Limited (CDHK) and is licensed with the SFC as a responsible officer for the Type 9 (asset management) regulated activity. Prior to joining CDHK, he was working as an investment manager with Hang Seng Investment Management Ltd from July 2008 to October 2014 where he managed various SFC-authorised funds.

Xiongwei obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics from Hunan University in Changsha, China, in 1999 and a Masters of Arts in Economics from the same university in 2002.