Stocks R Us seizes winning place and takes home the ‘2019 Budding Value Investor Award’ title

VAT bags 3rd prize

The Hang Seng Wolves share the fruits of their research on stage: Tongher

Team UM shines the spotlight on a homegrown gem: Padini

VAT shares their research on Padini

The panel of judges listen attentively as this year’s contestants show their stuff

Team UM snags second place

The winning team and the 1st and 2nd runners-up gathering for a celebratory photo with Tan Teng Boo

Monash’s Stocks R Us wow the audience with their keen stock analysis on Oceancash

Value Is What You Get-A one-man-show isn’t necessarily a no-go in BVIA : MKH

The Wolves of Bursa flexing both their mettle and their smarts: Tongher

The audience sits engrossed in the BVIA presentations