2016 BVIA by Capital Dynamics


Competition Format

Elimination round

Research report of a single stock from a list of stocks pre-determined by judges (comprising research analysis, valuation and strength of investment thesis). The list of stocks will be made available to the public on 29 February 2016.

Final round

After the first round of competition, the Organiser will inform the top three (3) finalists via email and/or phone by 15 August 2016.

The presentation will take place on Sunday, 18 September 2016 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Each finalist will be invited to Kuala Lumpur to deliver a 30-minute presentation of their research report. A 15-minute Q&A segment is included in this presentation.

Entry requirements

  1. Introductory video (not more than 1 minute);
  2. Short write up of individual (not more than 150 words); and
  3. Completion of the official registration form via online portal (www.bvia.icapital.biz)
  4. The abovementioned three items need to be submitted to the Organiser by 29 April 2016.


Elimination round - Research report

Individuals may conduct research on the Subject Company using only publicly available information. Written research reports should be prepared from the perspective of an independent research analyst. Sourced information should be properly and accurately cited using a generally accepted citation system.

Any individual who commits plagiarism shall be disqualified from the competition immediately. Subsequent discovery of plagiarism will also lead to the revocation of any prizes and automatic revocation of any job opportunity with the Organiser or its group of companies. The Organiser also reserves its right to report such instances to the individual's university.

Guidelines for research report

All individuals have to prepare a written research report on the Subject Company. There should not be any help in writing the report.

The written research report must meet the following guidelines:

  1. Be the original work of individual.
  2. Contains not less than 8,000 words excluding the bibliography and appendices.
  3. An appendix can be of indefinite length.
  4. To adhere to the following format: Arial font, size 11, single spacing, margin of 2 cm at borders, and in PDF.

Elimination round - Submission requirements

Submission of written research report to the Organiser via online portal (https://bvia.icapital.biz) by 31 May, 6pm (GMT +8). All research report guidelines have to be met.

Final round - Presentation for finalists

Finalists will be contacted via email and/or phone by 15 August 2016.

In the final round, finalists must give a presentation of their research report. The research report has to be in Microsoft PowerPoint. The Organiser cannot guarantee technical support for presentations submitted in any other format. The presentation is limited to 15 minutes; however an additional 15 minutes will be provided to answer questions posed by the Judges.

Each presentation will be timed and the timekeeper will provide a one (1) minute advance notification and an announcement when the time has expired. When the timekeeper announces that time has expired, finalist must immediately conclude the presentation.

Finalists who are unable to be present at the final round of competition will immediately forfeit the right to remain in the competition.

Conflicts of interest in the Subject Company

Individuals are obligated to avoid actual or potential conflicts of interest with their participation in the competition. A conflict of interest may exist when an individual or an individual's family member or close associate is involved in activities that may impact the individual's ability to perform their research fairly and impartially. A conflict may be actual or perceived. To avoid any actual or perceived conflicts of interest, each individual must disclose to the Organiser in writing of any actual or potential conflicts of interest, including but not limited to any ownership interest in the Subject Company and any close personal or professional relationships with employees at the Subject Company.

Judging criteria

Judging criteria is based on depth of analysis of research, undersanding and application of value investing, valuation, clarity and logic of argument, writing style and language. Presentation skills will also form a part of the judging criteria for the final round of competition.

The decision of Judges shall be final and shall remain undisputed.

Proprietary information

All documents which form part of the entries and research report, which includes and is not limited to, presentation material, videos, reports and any and all such documents submitted, whether print or electronic, shall become property of the Organiser and all individuals consent to its further reproduction and use for any purpose, whether by print or electronic media.

Competition Rules


  1. The competition is opened only to post-graduate/ undergraduate students below 25 years of age at the time of registration;
  2. Participants are deemed to accept all terms and conditions upon registration; and
  3. Be a currently enrolled university student in an undergraduate or graduate program at the time of registration.


  1. An individual is ineligible to join the competition if he or she has previously participated in the Budding Value Investor Award competition
  2. An individual who is related to employees of Capital Dynamics is not eligible to take part in the competition.
  3. An individual who has been, or is, employed in a role whose primary duty involves company analysis at the time of the competition is ineligible to take part in the competition.


The individuals agree to indemnify the Organiser and its affiliates for any damage and/or loss arising from the use and/or reproduction of the entries should the entries be subsequently discovered to be false, misleading and/or contravenes any laws which are applicable to the individuals and the Organiser and/or its affiliates.

Governing law

The laws of Malaysia govern this competition and the relationship between parties and the parties herein agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Malaysia.

Variation and cancellation

The Organiser reserves the right to amend and/or vary these terms and conditions and/or rules and/or guidelines with or without notice at its absolute discretion.

The Organiser reserves the right to cancel the competition at any time with or without notice at any time at its absolute discretion.

Privacy of personal data

Submission of the required information and entries may include data that may be defined as personal data. The Organiser shall protect the personal data submitted in accordance with the Malaysia's laws governing personal data.

By submitting the entries, individuals hereby agree that his or her personal data will be used for the purposes of the competition and/or any other purposes which resulted from the competition.

Individuals' personal data may be transferred within the group of affiliates of the Organiser which may be located within or outside of Malaysia and by submitting the entries, individuals agree to provide his or her consent to such transfer for the purposes of processing and storage for the purposes of the competition.