2016 BVIA by Capital Dynamics


Benefits and Costs

Each finalist is guaranteed a cash prize, with first place awarded USD 15,000, second place USD 10,000 and third place USD 5,000. Each finalist may be given a job opportunity with Capital Dynamics subject to the sole discretion of Capital Dynamics and are also invited to attend the Annual General Meeting and Investor Day of icapital.biz Bhd, held in Malaysia.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three finalists in the form of a cheque to be issued on the day of the final round of competition.

Finalists are responsible for any and all expenses incurred for travel and accommodations related to the competition unless otherwise specified by the Organiser below.

Travel, Accommodation and Other Expenses

Round-trip airfare and accommodation costs for each finalist will be covered. Round-trip airfare and accommodation will be arranged by the Organiser 14 days prior to the final round competition and details will be emailed to the finalists 14 days prior to the final round competition.

The Organiser will also cover the accommodation arranged for two (2) nights before the date of the final round competition up till the night of the final round competition.

Finalists may make alternative travel and accommodation arrangements at their own expense. Any cost arising from the cancellation of the travel and/or accommodation arranged by the Organiser will be borne by the finalists.

The Organiser will not pay for taxis, rental cars, visa application fees, food and beverage, baggage fees and any other fees and expenses not specifically cited above.